The product lineup from Clarus Glassboards is revolutionizing how we communicate with visual display systems. As the leading manufacturer of innovative glass dry-erase systems, Clarus continually develops stylish yet functional office collaborative products. Yesterday's presentation will no longer be today's distraction.


Glassboard Float

Clean lines and concealed mounting hardware make the Glassboard Float a great option for private offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

The beautifully smooth Glassboard surface is compatible with any marker and wipes away easily without ever staining or ghosting. Step up to a Clarus Glassboard for your work space.


Glassboard Depth

Clarus glass white boards provide a visually striking design element to workspaces ranging from conference rooms to executive offices and educational institutions. The Glassboard Depth offers a more traditional design look with stainless steel standoffs which add a sense of dimension and balance to any space. Choose Depth for a classic, yet stylish Glassboard solution.


go! Mobile Glassboards

go! Mobile represents the Clarus commitment to innovative design and function, but don’t just take it from us…. go! Mobile wins 2014 “Best of NeoCon for Innovation” by Contract Magazine and 2013 “Best of Year” from Interior Design Magazine.

go! Mobile combines the Clarus commitment to glass excellence with rigid steel construction resulting in a forward thinking architectural solution.


Clarus Flip

Flip allows both sides of a Clarus Board to be utilized for a heightened design aesthetic and elegant functionality. Enhance any space with a beautiful mix of Clarus Boards on one side and acoustical panels with custom prints, patterns and colors on the other side. Prepare for a presentation, take notes or map out a strategy with Flip. The Clarus Flip panels effortlessly rotate to hide your notes and reveal a design oriented acoustical pattern when the Clarus Boards are not in use.

On the Clarus Board side of Flip, any color can be specified from the Colors by Clarus collection of over 150 standard colors. Flip also include magnetic glass for enhanced functionality.


Clarus Healthboard

The Clarus Healthboard is an innovative glass dry erase board designed specifically for the demanding needs of today’s healthcare industry. Healthboard is offered with Transition removable graphic panels or ColorDrop print technology – a proprietary printing system exclusively by Clarus.


Furniture Glass

Clarus is redefining furniture grade glass. Furniture Glass is high quality, precision manufactured specialty glass designed for the exacting specifications of the office furniture industry. Featuring:

  • Unlimited, bold colors
  • Artwork and design printing on glass
  • Low iron acid etch glass
  • Low iron glass from 1/8” to 1”
  • Full and partial mirroring
  • Unique shaping
  • Functional magnetic glass

Clarus Architectural Series

The Clarus Architectural Series is designed to foster creative, forward thinking work spaces. Clarus offers a range of products for highly customizable solutions including glass walls, conference rooms, lobby applications and more.