BRC Group is a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of high quality ergonomic office furniture and architectural walls. From obscure designer requests to simply trying to be better, BRC provides creative and innovative customized solutions to complement any environment and use. Flexible manufacturing offers the ability for BRC to respond to client’s special custom needs rather than having standard catalogue solutions. A wide collection of textiles, laminate finishes and wood veneer allows companies and individuals to express their brand and culture through a unique signature look.




Height Adjustable

BRC’s Emotion series is a tested and proven height adjustable solution both in the lab and in the field. The product has sustained over 20 years of success and during that time undergone constant refinements and improvements. Rugged construction and reliable electronic components have been tested and certified to ANSI BIFMA & CGSB standards assuring the highest quality.


Desks & Workspaces

From our executive desks to workstations, designers have infinite options and choices from our large offering of laminate finishes and veneers, back-painted glass, magnetic whiteboards as well as various leg and power/data options. Today we offer ergonomic solutions in any of our layouts in both crank and electric lift.


BRC has tables for every use in your office. From work surfaces, training, occasional, meeting and conference tables to elegant coffee tables, BRC’s table collection can be used in a multitude of applications that enhance collaboration and conversation. Lean material usage and sustainability are fundamental in development.



BRC’s storage and filing solutions provide essential function and are cost-effective for long-term performance. Storage towers, credenzas, pedestals, and lateral files are efficient and practical for any personal work space. BRC’s ‘Manhattan Towers’ go beyond the traditional function of storage by providing an array of options for personalizing your office. Our laminate lockers are custom-made, offering different sizes dimensions and colour/ finishes.



Architectural Walls


Single Layer Glass Partition Wall

Dwel is a full height partition wall system designed with a low profile aluminum frame structure which supports single wall glass elements that are seamlessly connected with a transparent or low visible joint system. Dwel has full height glass or wood doors available in sliding or swinging styles. The Dwel partition system is also available as a free standing wall.

Partition Wall

TECNA is universal partition wall. Unique in richness and configuration possibilities, it can be enhanced with natural wood panels and accessory components. Intrinsically an internally framed wall with insulation and surface cladding, Tecna combines a high strength galvanized metal structure with quality construction materials and superb design elements to produce a world class wall system.


Integrated Storage & Filing Wall

Filing, storage and space division: VAULT is the answer to all of these challenges. With clean lines and minimal base heights, it is compatible with Dwel or Tecna partition walls and is available with or without doors. Vault minimizes floor space and ensures the total separation of work spaces due to its unique integration with the wall systems.